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What We Do

Digital Imaging Excellence

Bitfire was founded by expert retoucher and digital tech Clint Hild in 2007 with the professional photographer in mind. Through constant research and decades of pushing industry standards, Bitfire has crafted a digital imaging process that flows seamlessly from creation through retouching to final output and archiving.

Bitfire Inc. is a boutique digital imaging studio offering on-­site expertise in capture, retouching, archiving, fine art printing and proofing. This consolidated suite of services makes the studio especially strong at rapid turnarounds that deliver a complete, high-quality product.

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Meet Bitfire, Inc.'s Owner


Clint Hild

Since starting Bitfire, Inc., Clint Hild has been in charge of day to day aspects of the business and is responsible for the success of the company.

His excellent communication skills and constant drive for improvement has kept clients happy and returning project after project for years. 

Clint started retouching as a teenager and has been working with photoshop since version 3. A graphic design degree rounds out his self-taught retouching workflow that has proven time and time again to 'Wow' onlookers. 

As Gilles Bensimon once said, "When Mr Clint is at the computer it's like he's playing the piano."

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